An evening at the Monastery

Divine dining

Visit a XIVth century Moscow Monastery

On this unique evening, you will discover the monastery of Saint Peter on the Ascent, a heaven of peace in the busy heart of Moscow. Founded in 1315, this active monastery has welcomed within its walls great historical figures such as Vasily the third, Peter the Great or again Napoleon Bonaparte. You will learn about this mythical place many stories and anecdotes fueled by centuries of rich history. Discover the world only ceramical iconostase or again Saint Peter’s most venerated relics.

For 1h30, you will visit the monastery, together with your guide, before climbing up the bell tower. From above the bells, admire the sunset over the roofs of central Moscow.

With your mind fully sated, it is now time to feed the body…

Dine in the monks' refectory

After your visit, we will dive into the Monks refectory, for dinner. Under the fully painted dome and the golden chandelier, you will take a priviledged seat at the monks table (they won’t be with you, they eat earlier).

On the table, a traditional Russian dinner awaits, with salads, soups, stews, pastries and breads, all fresh and baked at the monastery itself. To drink, no alcohol but Siberian tea and Mors (russian berries juice). In this breathtaking historical and unique environment, you will revel your senses with the food, the drinks, the view and the sounds… until the evening goes by and we take you back to your hotel room, with your head full of memories.

Transport in our classic Soviet van

Guided visit of the monastery

Climb in the bell-tower

Traditional dinner at the monks refectory

Tour in English, French, Spanish or Russian

Pickup point

We will pick you up at 18:30 in front of St Basil’s Cathedral, on the red square.

Put-in tours pick up point

Pickup point

We will pick you up at 18:30 in front of St Basil’s Cathedral, on the red square.

Put-in tours pick up point

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