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Professional memories!

Mееt Hugues… Born and raised in colourful Provence (France), Hugues discovered a passion for photography at an early age. After developing his skills on world renowned local landscapes and architectures, he moved to Moscow seeking for novelty and new challenges. That was 25 years ago.

In 2019, Hugues and Put-in tours crossed paths. Put-in tours loves Hugues’ B&W night shots, freezing emotions in the most authentic and pure manner. Hugues finds in Put-in tours the challenge to combine his fields of expertise, people, architecture and urban landscapes, with an additional touch: the vans! A collaboration is born.

We offer to invite Hugues onboard your tour. Sit back, relax, enjoy, he will taking care of documenting your trip. As a result, you will receive about a 100 B&W and colour professional shots, corrected and in ultra high resolution. Additionally, Hugues likes to send you the best shots in an animated slider (see below), so you can show your trip to your friends and family.


Easy communication

Hugues speaks English, French and Russian.

Professional work

Real professional photos, even by night!

Relax and enjoy

Don’t worry about the photos, enjoy the moment!



Receive the finalised packet of best shots, B&W and colours, in high resolution, all corrected in post production.

A professional photographer onboard your tour!

Réservez votre photoshoot professionnel

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Avec Put-in tours, montez à bord d'un ancien van soviétique pour découvrir Moscou et la culture Russe en dehors des sentiers battus. Découvrez notre visite guidée de Moscou, notre tour de nuit, notre excursion à Sergiyev Posad et au banya, notre tournée des bar, notre excursion en tank avec bazooka et notre activité tir à l'AK47!

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