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Old Chinese proverb: if you come to Russia, shoot an AK-47!

Put-in tours will help you realise this experience! Your French, English, Spanish or Russian speaking guide will bring you to a professional shooting range, located 3 stores underground in an old Soviet beer factory. In this historic and secured environment, you will fire off a selection of iconic Russian weapons under supervision of a professional instructor.

*Put-in tours respects Russian Federal regulations, therefore all ammunition are blank shots: real but non lethal. A system of lasers equips each gun, so you know when your shot is a hit! Minimum age to shoot: 14 years old.


100 % Russian weapons!

We bring to the tip of your trigger finger…

1) The PPSH – This light submachine gun used to equip the red army infantry during World War 2. You will shoot an authentic version from 1941. Caliber 7.62×25

2) The Kalashnikov AK-47 – Legendary Russian military weapon, in service 1949-1974. Its powerful 7.62×39 rounds will shake your foundations.

3)  The RPK – Still in service today for more than 50 years, this light machine-gun can hit a target 1km away! Caliber 7.62×39

4) The RPD – Shoot this Soviet machine-gun Rambo style! It’s 7.62×54 rounds are the biggest in your arsenal, for a nice adrenaline shot!

Your package

40 ammo

10 shots with the PPSH + 10 shots with the AK-47 + 10 shots with the RPK + 10 shots with the PPD

Military van pick-up

Add to the experience: ask us to pick you up at your hotel with one of our Soviet military vans!

It will be an authentic UAZ 452, a model first built in the 50’s to transport men and military equipment down the snowy or muddy Siberian roads. Thanks to its simplicity and robustness, it is still in service today as ambulances! Ours are fully decorated to reproduce the Soviet atmosphere, equipped with sound systems and even featuring a souvenirs kiosk onboard!

(This service is optional)

Pick-up/drop off in our Soviet military van (optional)


English, French, Spanish or Russian speaking guide

2-hour experience

Professional instructor

Security gears (goggles, ear protection)

Shoot 40 ammo with 4 Soviet guns

Meeting point

We will pick you up at 15:00 at the Radisson Royal hotel.

Meeting point

We will pick you up at 15:00 at the Radisson Royal hotel.

Contact us for more details.

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