Shooting tour Moscow

Trigger happy…

Every day

Starts at 2pm

Duration: 2h

Tour available in

Every day

Starts at 2pm

Duration: 2h

Tour available in

Sharpshooter mode: on!

Old Chinese proverb: if you come to Russia, shoot an AK-47!

Put-in tours will help you realise this experience! Your guide will meet you at your hotel and bring you with the metro (or a military van as option) to a professional shooting range, located 3 stores underground in an old Soviet beer factory. In this historic and secured environment, you will fire off a selection of iconic Russian weapons under supervision of a professional instructor.

At the end of the rampage, you’ll get to keep your target with you as a proof of your great success! 🙂

100 % Russian weapons!

We bring to the tip of your trigger finger…

1) The Yarygin Pistol – Since 2003, the standard sidearm for Russian military and law enforcement. Replacing the Makarov. Caliber 9mm

2) The Kalashnikov AK-47 – Legendary Russian military weapon, in service 1949-1974. Its powerful 7.62×39 rounds will shake your foundations.

3)  The Dragunov sniper rifle – Still in service today for more than 50 years, this semi-automatic rifle can hit a target 1,3km away! With its 7.62×54 rounds, every trigger pull will deliver you a nice adrenaline shot!

Select your package


30 shots with the Yarygin pistol


25 shots with the Yarygin pistol
+ 25 shots with the AK 47


25 shots with the Yarygin pistol
+ 25 shots with the AK 47
+ 10 shots with the Dragunov sniper

Military van pick-up

Add to the experience: ask us to pick you up at your hotel with one of our Soviet military vans!

It will be an authentic UAZ 452, a model first built in the 50’s to transport men and military equipment down the snowy or muddy Siberian roads. Thanks to its simplicity and robustness, it is still in service today as ambulances! Ours are fully decorated to reproduce the Soviet atmosphere, equipped with sound systems and even featuring a souvenirs kiosk onboard!




Hotel pick-up
(when possible – please contact us)

Transport by metro or in our classic Soviet van

Security gears (goggles, ear protection)

Professional instructor

Keep your target as a souvenir

Live guide


Militia : 5 100 RUB to 7 500 RUB / passenger

KGB  :  5 800 RUB to 8 200 RUB / passenger

Spetsnaz  : 7 000 RUB to 9 400 RUB/ passenger

Pick-up by military van: 2 000 RUB / group


Good to know

Please contact us before the tour to make an appointment

Dresscode: comfortable

Hotel pick-up can be performed up to 1h before the start of the activity.

Minimum age to shoot: 18 years old

Your passport is mandatory to be able to shoot


Book now!

Join the experience, book your seat now!

Meeting point

We will pick you up at 14:00 at your hotel or 14:30 at the Radisson Royal hotel.

Meeting point

We will pick you up at 14:30 at your hotel or 15:00 at the Radisson Royal hotel.

Contact us for more details.

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