Tank ride & bazooka

Only in Russia!

Want to ride a tank? Of course you do.

Welcome to Russia, where everything and anything is possible—especially riding on a tank, shooting an AK-47 and a bazooka, all while drinking vodka.

At Put-in tours, we have put together the ultimate excursion for men (and their girlfriends). Join us in our Soviet van for an entire afternoon of all-inclusive Russian fun on the battlefield!

Start by visiting Park Patriot, the impressive Russian army exhibition center and museum. There, try your driving skills at the T-80 tank official simulator,  before you ride on two iconic Soviet armored vehicles (BMP-1 and/or BTR-80) on an off-road training path. Along the way, hone your skills while a drill sergeant shouts commands at you. You may not understand, but impress him anyway with your grenade launching technique and AK-47 assembling speed. Or suffer the consequences.

After that, take another shot of vodka, enjoy the army field lunch provided, and move on to the next activity…

Honey, I shot a bazooka!

Phase two brings a variety of iconic Russian war weapons to the tip of your trigger finger. Learn about and test the Makarov PM, PPSH-41, Kalashnikov AK-47, RPK, DP28 machine gun, several semi-auto or auto carbines and more… Firing off a bazooka is the grand finale, sure to leave you breathless—just before you send the photos to your mom.

To prevent you from inadvertently blowing up your best friend or transforming your girlfriend into a strainer, we only use non-lethal (but real!) ammo.

And because you’ll want to keep the good times rolling, we also offer a 10% discount on pub-crawl tickets.

Transport in our classic Soviet van

Russian welcoming snacks, army field meal and vodka included

Ride on 2 Soviet armored vehicles (BMP-1 and BTR-80)

10 shots from your favorite weapon(s) and 1 bazooka shot included

Visit to Park Patriot

10% discount on evening pubcrawl tickets

Contact us for more details.

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