Team building events

When fun and business rhymes!

A team building event in Moscow to strengthen group cohesion and spend an amazing time among colleagues!

You’d like to organize a team bonding event in Moscow to reinforce the bonds within your team and promote group cohesion? Put-in tours takes care of everything!

It is true that setting-up a team building event in Moscow may seem difficult at first sight, but it is not so! A trusted French-Russian partner, Put-in tours, will help you design your ideal seminar program from A to Z. You will discover the city of Moscow and Russian culture through a set of original team building activities aimed at strengthening ties between employees as well as enabling them to know each other better.

Moscow offers a very large number of unique activities to share an unbelievable time among colleagues while combining business with pleasure!

Put-in tours suggests you a wide range of unhabitual activities to make your tailor-made team bonding even a real success! We make sure your team will talk about this seminar at the coffee machine for a long long time…

Discover Moscow by night in our Soviet van in a festive atmosphere with our night city tour. Strengthen team spirit by joining the Russian army for a day with our tank and bazooka excursion. Enjoy a festive evening to strengthen ties between colleagues during our pubcrawl.

Our team building activities

Sharing moments!

Airport transfers

Welcome to Moscow!


Party like a Russian!

Tank tour & shooting

Good old military fun!

Moscow by night

Sighsee and party!

Cruise on the Moskova

Enjoy a relaxed trip..

Moscow subway

Subterranean marvels!

Dinner at the Pushkin café

Eat Russian!

Why Put-in tours?

…for my team building event


A trustworthy partner to organise your team building event. Relax, while we take care of everything!


Easy communication in English, French, Spanish, German or Russian. Email, phone, whatsapp…

A great program for every budget!

New sur mesure programs and activities upon your wishes.

Let us know your ideal seminar!

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At Put-in tours, we put you in our classic Soviet van to go explore Moscow and Russian culture off the beaten path. Discover our Moscow city guided tour, visit Moscow by night, join our banya & Sergiyev Posad excursion, party on our pubcrawl, shoot AK47 or a bazooka with our tank tour!

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