Visa support

The first step to enjoy Put-in tours!

We are glad to support Put-in tours customers to get their tourist visa invitation (or voucher) for the fairest price and with best delays.

You will receive by email your tourist voucher max 24h avec all necessary documents and payment have been provided.


We only need to receive by email a scan of the second page of your passport (page with the photo) and your desired travel dates.

We only charge 1500 RUB (20 EUR – 23 USD) for this service. Payment via PayPal.

This service is restricted to Put-in tours customers (minimum booking of 1 person per group) and under condition that your citizenship is eligible to receive a Russian visa.

Request your tourist visa invitation

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Put-in tours

Avec Put-in tours, montez à bord d'un ancien van soviétique pour découvrir Moscou et la culture Russe en dehors des sentiers battus. Découvrez notre visite guidée de Moscou, notre tour de nuit, notre excursion à Sergiyev Posad et au banya, notre tournée des bar, notre excursion en tank avec bazooka et notre activité tir à l'AK47!

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